"We’re converting art into money".

These words, spoken by Michael Straus (Chairman of the Board of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts) on the occasion of the foundation’s auctioning off of Warhol’s remaining estate, is too deliciously apropos. It’s just glib and Post Modern enough to have been said by Warhol. If Straus isn’t directly quoting/paraphrasing him I’ll be surprised!

Don’t cringe at the idea of selling off the remaining “silk-screen paintings, drawings, prints, collages, photographs and archival materials”. The sale will have two benefits:

  • The Warhol Foundation will be putting the money earned toward their grants.
  • The collection will likely be snapped up by museums (although some of it will end up in private hands, of course), making Warhol’s art and personal effects more accessible than ever.

Quotes via “Warhol Art Trove Pops Up for Sale" at WSJ.

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